Testimonies Home stay in Vancouver

Hongyu Liu

Hongyu Liu/ ChinaCHINA

My name is Hongyu Liu. I’m from China. I have to mention that I have been living have for two years already. There are a lot of reasons to keep me in this house.

First of all, I improved my English very fast. I remembered the first time I came to Vancouver, I could not speak English, but after staying in this house for few month, I can already speak a lot with other student in the house. Secondly, The food whch Christel cooks is very good. She cannot only cook Canadian food but also the food from different countries. For example, German food, Thai food, Italian food, Chinese food, and so on.

Beside, to know Canada, to understand Canada, I think I realy found a nice helper, Helmut, he is the home father who is computer engineer. I think he is the library, he knows almost everything. Sometimes, if I find out something that is very hard or I don’t know, I ask him. He is the best and he likes helping people.

There are just too many things to say in this house. However, one of the last thing I want to talk is I met a lot of nice people in this house. All students are very nice to each other, we go out a lot together. I think we are just a big family. This is not homestay, this is my second home. They are not homestay mother and father, they are my Canadian-German parents. I think I am lucky of being in this house!!

Laura Moran

Laura Moran/ MéxicoMEXICO

Live in this family is just AMAZING I felt welcome since the first moment I was here (7 years ago) now is my second time and its so great to stay again here, they are so lovely.

It such a great feeling to be here, is my second home and I know every time that I need help they will be there to helping me. Is so nice to stay in this amazing house they just make the Canadian experience awesome and with the felling to come back (most of us come back).

Every time there is something: playing games, hiking, work out, movies, partying, and more, but the really important thing in here is share and take care of everyone, we are not one more student we are part of this family a very HUGE one and that’s makes me feel like home.

Fernanda Souza

Fernanda Souza/ BrazilBRAZIL

Hello everyone, my name is Fernanda and I am from Brazil. There are many feelings when you go to live in another country, especially if you don’t have any idea about the culture and the new language, but I had an amazing experience in this house. The care, food and the friendship can make it easy for us to be far from our family and country.

When I arrived there I could not say any word in English and they helped me to improve my English with many activities: movies, games, art class and also establishing a special relationship.

But certainly the most important thing is how they look for care about all the students, sharing, giving and providing a good atmosphere, with love and respect for each other.

I will never forget my 6 months in Vancouver, where I learned more than I expected. I am glad to be part of this international family. It is not a homestay, but It is a big family. I felt as I was at home!
Thank you Christel and Helmut.

Gerald Gachot

Gerald Gachot/ FranceFRANCE

Hey everyone, I am Gerald Gachot from France and I have been living here for 10 months now.

If you want to live an incredible experience in Canada, this is the place to be. The atmosphere in this house is easy going and very friendly. Once you get in this house, Christel, Helmut and everyone are really warm and helpful. When I arrived here, my English was terrible but you are surrounded by so many people from all around the world and you have to speak English all the time, it is the best way to learn. There are social moments everyday in this family, dinner, watching movies or hockey, playing board games which are very good to improve your English. With everyone in the house we laugh, have really good times and on this other hand, if you want to be alone, you have your own bedroom, it is your private place.

Otherwise, I am an outdoor person and if you like outdoor activities, you will be served here. You can do skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing during winter, the mountain is just behind the house. You can also go hiking, swimming, canoeing, golfing during the summer.

But the most important point is when you get here you are not considered as a student anymore, you are a part of the familly.

Naridsama Vimanrat

Naridsama Vimanrat/ ThailandTHAILAND

“Whenever you miss your family, you can hug me. Even I might not replace your mum, but just think, I’m your Canadian mum”. Thank you very much for this sentence.

Every day my life was fulfilled with happiness. Honestly, I really love and respect all of your family, and thank you very much for everything, especially your love and kindness

Yurdal Özatlan

Yurdal Özatlan/ TürkiyeTURKEY

In three months, I have had incredible experience about everything in Canada. The best part was my great multicultural family. Christel, you taught me how to deal with challenges in life and you were my friend. Your shared your experience about life, relationship, communication, politics, nature…etc.

Emilia Tau

Emilia Tau/ ItaliaITALY

Thank you for taking care of me and of hummingbirds, for love, for every day together, for listen to me, for advice, for help me, for share with me your life and art.

Ahmed Bin Abdullah

Ahmed Bin Abdullah/ Saudi ArabiaSAUDI ARABIA

I need one book to explain really, really, I am so happy and lucky to live in this house. One family + nice food + great time + nice neighbours + good guests + amazing students = your house. I really feel that I am one of this family.

Tina Parpan

Tina Parpan/ SwitzerlandSWITZERLAND

I don’t know where to start. There is so much I am grateful for: taking care of me, the delicious food, all the movies we watched together, dinner time, your laughter, Helmut’s jokes, baking cookies…and so on (I almost forgot the hot water bottle for my stomach ache!)

Alexei Drutskoy Sokolinsky

Alexei Drutskoy Sokolinsky/ BelgiumKingdom of Belgium

Although I may not be the most expressive person in the world, I am sure, you already know how nice it was for me to stay with all of you in a house, filled with positive attitudes and a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Christel, thank you for all those truly delicious meals and so kindly caring for the good health and nutrition of each and everyone of us. Helmut, for being such a great host father and such a knowledgeable substitute to “Google”. This homestay needs a new verb, because if you don’t know something, just “Helmut” it!

Finally, thanks to everyone in this house for making me feel truly at home.

Christel Kleinewillinghoefer
North Vancouver BC
Upper Lonsdale