Food Home stay in Vancouver

A very important part of your well being are healthy and balanced meals.

We provide you for breakfast with high quality organic bread and baked goods, cereal, milk, coffee, tea and free access to the fridge with sufficient supply of cheese, sausage, cream cheese, butter, jams, eggs etc.


For lunch we prepare a “take out package” for you with a variety of sandwiches and muffins.

At dinner time we always have at least a two course meal, either soup and an entrée or an entrée and dessert.

And in addition there is always a cookie jar or cake waiting for you when you come home hungry from school or work.

One of our passions is to cook food from all over the world. We pamper you with German delicacies, Saudi Arabian Kabsa, Thai Curries, Chinese Fried Rice, Turkish Kebobs, Indonesian Nasi Goreng, Hungarian Beef Goulash, Brazilian Feijoada, Canadian Turkey, homemade Hamburgers to name just a few.

Example of our menu

Menu 1
Barbecued Pork Tenderloin, Scalloped Potatoes with Cheese Crust, Mixed Vegetables and Sauce Béarnaise.
Menu 2
Egg Omelette, Potato Pancakes with Smoked Salmon and Sour Crème,Cheese and Sausage Platter, Chocolate Muffins.
Menu 3
Persian Beef Kebobs, Basmati Rice with Sumac, Marinated Tomatoes and Flatbread.

Menu 4
Vegetable Soup, Hard boiled Eggs with homemade Aioli, Shrimps and a variety of organic bread.
Menu 5
Steaks with Mushroom-Red Onion Topping, Heirloom Tomatoes, Nugget Potatoes.
Menu 6
Saudi Arabian Kabsa: Chicken with Cardamom spiced Rice, Crispy Fried Onions, Almonds, fresh Tomato-Garlic Sauce.

Menu 7
Homemade Hamburgers with Fries, Oatmeal Cookies.
Menu 8
Meringue Cake with Whipping Cream and Fresh Strawberries.
Menu 9
Double Layered Chocolate Cake.

Got hungry? Well, you can always have a second portion.

We help our Vegetarians to fill their empty stomach, our Muslim guests to eat according to their beliefs and if you have special requests we do our best to relief your homesickness with food from your country.

Everybody looks forward to our international weeks with food from around the world.

Christel Kleinewillinghoefer
North Vancouver BC
Upper Lonsdale